Collection: Waterproof Golf Socks

Meet the On The Toe Waterproof Golf Socks, the essential piece of clothing every golfer needs.

We were tired of soaked-through socks by the 2nd hole and feet feeling like a soggy prune by the 18th green. 

Golf in the rain is fun. But there's nothing worse than when you're trying to focus on your golf game, and your feet are cold and wet.

So we decided to create a pair of waterproof socks for golf, that are comfortable, functional and keep feet dry no matter the weather conditions.

100% waterproof, 100% windproof. And 100% breathable.

Initially, our goal was to create socks that are totally waterproof. So when the rain is pouring, you can still get out onto the golf course. 

But for socks to be as comfortable and effective as possible, they also need to be warm and breathable. 

So our focus also became making a pair that could offer exceptional breathability and resistance from the wind.

The thing is, we're mad golfers just like you. We're too obsessed with the game of golf to ever worry when there's a drop of rain.

We're a little mad, but we're not stupid.

We've created the best waterproof socks for golfers becuase dry feet are happy feet and if you want to play your best golf, it pays to have happy feet.

So, go ahead and play through the puddles and enjoy a whole round of golf with your feet warm and 100% dry.


Waterproof Golf Socks FAQs

Do waterproof golf socks work?

Yes, waterproof golf socks are the best way to keep your feet dry when you're out on the golf course.

The waterproof inner layer prevents any water or moisture from getting into the inside of the socks, keeping feet bone dry throughout.

Are waterproof golf socks warm?

Yes, waterproof golf socks not only offer you dry feet, they also add some extra warmth because of the thicker layers, so are perfect for everyday wear and help to keep your feet warm.

How long do the waterproof golf socks last?

Our socks are designed for regular use and have been built to last. With the correct care, our socks should last a very long time.

How do waterproof socks work?

The socks are built from 90% Nylon and 10% Cotton and have an inner waterproof film that works to stop water from getting through.

The inner lining is permanent so you never have to 're-waterproof' or wash them in any special waterproofing detergents.

Are waterproof golf socks breathable?

Yes, our waterproof socks stop water from getting inside but they also allow your feet to breathe on the inside through various ventilated layers.

Are waterproof golf socks only for golf?

No, despite the fact they were created to keep our feet dry on the golf course, our socks work brilliantly for any activity that might result in your feet getting wet.

From cycling to winter walking, our socks are soft, comfortable and will keep your feet 100% dry no matter what you're using them for.

Do waterproof socks affect shoe size? 

Our socks are made to be comfortable in golf shoes. However they are slightly thicker than a standard pair of socks and so may add half a shoe size.

Can these socks be worn in all weather conditions?

 Yes, our socks can be worn in all weather conditions, although they are specifically designed for coping with the wet and cold conditions.

During very warm periods, our waterproofs socks might not be the ideal choice.

Are these waterproof socks comfortable for walking long distances? 

Our socks are built for golfers so it's important that they are super comfrotable for walking long distances around the golf course.

The soft inside layer and outer layer add plenty of cushioning for the foot to make sure they ramin comfy throughout and prevent any blisters or sores.

How to care for and wash our waterproof socks?

We suggest that our waterproof socks are washed at only 30 degrees and allowed to drip dry. Avoid any sort of bleach and never iron or dry clean.